i-stories helps brands in becoming relevant for their target group.

i-stories creates ass-kicking brand – & communication strategies for companies that realize brand building has entered a new era. Through an i-scan, i-stories analyses the present and makes your brand future proof.

Who is i-stories?

i-stories is just me, Isabel Verstraete, the communication veteran that worked for numerous big to tiny brands over the past 20 years. So, it’s true: there’s no team in i-stories. For every client, i-stories selects new contributing experts who fully fit your brand’s needs.

i-stories revamps brands

Brand building has entered a new era. It’s the individual who decides now how he feels about a brand. But how will he feel about your brand?

i-stories understands that people like consistent and transparent brands; products and stories that are truly relevant to them. From that insight, i-stories defines your unique positioning through an i-scan and helps you create a consistent brand strategy.

i-scan sees all

An i-scan is a thorough analysis of your brand, your company, its competition and, most importantly, your target group and positioning. It’s a combination of scientific precision and i-stories’ proven expertise. So, no magic in the i-scan. Though it always does the trick.

The i-scan and the resulting no-nonsense recommendations will form a solid basis for your brand’s future, its positioning and communication.

Start your i-story

Can i-stories walk the talk? Strategy without execution is a mirage; execution without strategy is a nightmare. Therefore, i selects a bunch of specialists who will bring your brand strategy to life. The selection of this team is completely based on what you need, not on who has currently nothing on his hands at our agency’s office. i-stories hardly has an office. And i-stories is definitely not an agency.

Could your brand use a repositioning? In need of a kick ass communication plan?

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