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i-stories: surprisingly effective, innovative and affordable! Every creation, concept, logo, has a well defined lifecycle. The brand image and corporate identity of HRD Antwerp started to show signs of being at the end of a lifecycle. Baseline, look and feel, corporate identity and online technology didn’t meet any longer the expectations of today’s demanding consumers. A total renewal of HRD Antwerp corporate identity imposed itself. To find the right partner to help us succeeding this important challenge, we organized a pitch between two traditional well known creative agencies to whom we added a third a-typical challenger, I-stories. The innovating and different approach of Isabel Verstraete from i-stories appeared strange at the beginning, but step by step she succeeded to convince us of the advantages of her i-scan methodology and total freedom of choice of her creative partners for each different discipline. This contrary to the traditional format of creative agencies where as a client you don’t get much choice with whom you want to work. i-stories won the pitch and started with the challenging repositioning of the HRD Antwerp Brand. In high speed, without any compromising on quality, i-stories, together with her selected creative partners, succeeded to develop a new attractive website, a new baseline, a new look & feel and above all, a totally renewed communication strategy. The first feedback from our internal and external stakeholders are extremely positive. i-stories already succeeded in a few months to sweep the dust away and reinvigorate the brand of HRD Antwerp. This makes us confident for a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration. Thank you i-stories!

HRD diamonds,
Serge Couvreur, former CEO HRD Antwerp

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